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Intel Processor Comparison for Laptop computers

intel logoIntel Processor comparison may be confusing because you may not know where to go to compare Intel processors. It is easy for me because I used to buy Intel processors for Hewlett Packard Company. I also used to buy the memory modules called DRAM or SODIMM for Hewlett Packard Company. I spend a lot of time searching out places to compare Intel processors and wanted to share some of the best places to get Intel processor comparison information.

I usually like to know how much the Intel processor costs so I go the the Intel Price sheet at Intel.com to see exactly how much each Intel Processor costs so I know if I am getting a good deal when I buy a laptop computer. You can go to download the latest Intel Processor price sheet here. Just click on download price list. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. I think you will be surprised just how much the processor costs in your laptop. I just bought a HP Envy 14. You can see the Envy 14 with a Intel Core i5-450M processor running at 2.40GHz here.  It is a great looking laptop.  I also have a Macbook pro 13.3” that I love.  It has a Intel 2.53 core two duo processor and it seems to have plenty of power so far.

Intel also publishes detailed processor comparison charts. They can be a bit technical. The smaller the nm is the better and the lower the voltage is the better because it will result in longer battery life. If you are interested in comparing Intel processors for technical specs go to the Intel processor comparison page on the Intel site.

I get the best information on the Intel site for comparing Intel processors.  I also like to get information from other sources like CPU world.  You can see an example of how they write up the new Intel processor story on their site at CPU world.com.  Here is a link to the Intel processor comparison charts at Intel.com.  you will be able to click on the different processors to see performance charts.

I set up this site to help you decide what laptop you should buy and to provide you with an unfair advantage when buying a new laptop by knowing the good deals.

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