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Laptop Comparison What Laptop Should I Buy

Laptop Comparisons
Choosing the best laptop for you or someone else can be a daunting task. LCD Size, Processor speed, Memory, Hard Drive, Total Weight, Reliability, Battery Life and will the laptop perform the tasks I need it to with ease?

HP Envy 14 at whatlaptopshouldIbuy.comThere is also the consideration on how the laptop looks and feels when you use it.

I worked at Hewlett Packard for over 20 years spending millions of dollars on memory chips, printed circuit boards, and other computer parts. Some of the companies I bought parts from complained that we had tighter specifications than the other computer manufactures.

So when you are buying your laptop, you get what you pay for. Cheaper components are not quite as reliable as the more expensive parts inside the laptop.
The profit margins on the more expensive laptops is higher than on the low priced laptops because of the fierce competition between brands. The value on a low price laptop is great and a higher priced laptop will provide more years of service.

The only reason laptops go obsolete is because the demands for what the laptop can do for you goes up each year. If the demands for what the laptop could do did not change then laptops from 10 years ago would still work fine. In reality the old laptops do not process video fast enough. Old laptops do not have enough memory and hard drive size for todays digital world.

If you have an idea of what laptop computer you want. It is probably a good hunch. You may like the way it is presented in advertising or the price for performance or it is available from your favorite laptop retailer. It will probably work fine for you.
I suggest spending a little more than you think you need right this minute. The extra money will buy you a better easier to read LCD monitor, and faster Inter processor, more memory (DRAM) and a bigger hard drive.

If you want a long battery life, consider getting a special low power processor that costs more relative to it’s processing power. If you want a high powered processor for games or video rendering, get a more power processor and sacrifice a little battery life.

I am partial to HP Laptops. I have bought 5 of them over the last 15 years. They are all still working and in good shape. The oldest one is a bit slow for video processing and the newest one is a 14″ HP ENVY that I just love. I also have the older model of the HP DV6 and it is still in daily use in my family. I also use MACs and have a 13″ Macbook Pro that I am typing on right now.

HP is not the only good laptop out there. Apple laptops are also on the top of my recommended list along with HP.

If you switch from a Windows laptop to a Apple laptop, you will be buying new software made especially for MACs so plan for some extra expenses if going from a Windows machine to a MAC or from a MAC to a Windows laptop.

Apple laptops do not need anti-virus software and cost more for the same size and capability. MACs and Windows both work fine. The Apple laptops seem to be more popular with the younger generation as well as many techies.

For portability a 7″ to a 14.5″ is ideal. The smaller the laptop, the lighter it is to carry around. The main weight of the laptop is in the case, LCD screen, Hard disc drive and especially the battery.

For speed and heavy duty use like gaming and video rendering, I recommend a higher priced processor and more memory.

Leave a comment below if you have any specific questions about which laptop to buy that is best for you.

Click on the laptop links on this site and read the reviews by others that have bought the exact same laptop and buy it with confidence.

Leave your laptop questions below as a comment.

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